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Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends For 2019

Kitchen Cabinets TorontoYes, even kitchens go through fads and trends – don’t even think about going white this year! These trends impact cabinets as well.
Before you start renovating your kitchen, make sure you’re up to date with cabinet trends. They become the focal point of your kitchen and can consume as much as 40% of the project budget, so choose carefully.

Making Smart Selections

What could possibly be in favor or fashion when it comes to kitchen cabinets?

  • Go deep! Cabinets and drawers are more useful when they are deep enough to accommodate appliances. Too many homeowners live with their appliances on the countertops just because they won’t fit in traditional sized cabinetry and drawers.
  • For anyone who appreciates the minimalist look, opting for no handles is in. It creates a sleeker look and cuts down on visual clutter. If you like handles, consider doors that have recessed handles instead of protruding ones.
  • Kitchen materials can be different this year so don’t worry too much about making sure your cabinets, flooring, and countertops all match up.
  • Copper and gold accents are really in this year. That includes using these metals for cabinet door overlays. However, go easy on use; not every door needs to be metallic.
  • Since white is out that means colour is in. You’ll love the look of Shaker-style cabinets and drawers done in pastels or other unique color options.
  • Two-tone cabinets are all the rage this year. The upper cabinetry is one tone, usually the lighter one or white, while lower cabinets are a darker tone. You don’t have to follow this guideline but this arrangement is what offers the starkest contrast. Some homeowners opt for a painted wood for the higher mounted cabinets and natural wood for the lower standing cabinetry.

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